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Keysight Bandwidth Booster Promotion: High-performance oscilloscopes now with significant discount!

Until 31.7.2019 you can take advantage of significant discounts when purchasing selected Keysight Technologies oscilloscopes with 350 MHz bandwidth and more from DSOX/MSOX 3000T, 4000X a 6000X model series.

Complete list of products available in this promotion, including price overview, can be found in this table.

Prices are valid by 1.4.2019.
Promotion discounts is valid for NEW instruments. Promotion discounts are NOT applied for SW options and accessoriess.
Promotion is not combinable with other Keysight promotions or discounts (e.g. EDU)
Promotion is valid until 31.7.2019. Keysight Technologies reserves the right to change promotion conditions, any time.

Keysight FieldFox Handheld Spectrum Analyzers with 25% discount

If you purchase one of the Keysight FiledFox handheld analyzers N9913A , N9914A , N9915A , N9923A , N9935A between April 1st and July 31st, 2019 TOGETHER WITH an extended warranty for 5 years
(R-51B-001-5Z), you get a 25% off from the price of the device, as well as the price of a 5-year extended warranty and on top also 25% off from the price of any software option (010, 112, 210, 211, 212, 215, 305, 308, 320, 209, 220, 233, 235, 236, 238, 312, 350, 351, 355, 356, 208, 302, 310, 330, 030, 307, 309), if you choose any.

Main features of Keysight FieldFox:
- Full 2-port VNA, magnitude and phase, time domain analysis and mixed mode
- Cable and antenna analyzer, TDR
- Real-time spectrum analyzer
Noise figure analyzer

- Valid: 1.4.2019 – 31.7.2019
- Any options purchased after the original sale will not benefit from the 25% discount
- Hardware accessories (cal kits, cables, adapters, power sensors, etc.) are not included
- Not combinable with other Keysight offers / promotions
- No additional education rebates will be paid
- Valid on new models only

In case of any questions please contact us at .

FREE memory upgrade with purchase of selected Keysight´s digital multimeters and function/arbitrary generators

If you purchase a NEW digital multimeter Keysight 34465A34470A or a function/arbitrary generator 33511B / 33512B / 33521B / 33522B / 33611A / 33612A / 33621A / 33622A between September 1st 2018 and May 31st 2019, you will recieve memory upgrade for FREE (DMM memory boost of up to 2 mil. readings / 64 Mpoints arb trace memory for generators) and also 3-months free trial licence for Keysight BenchVue software.

How it works?
After recieving ordered instrument you will register it (www.keysight.com/find/benchmemorypromoclaimand within two weeks you will recieve license details for self-installation of upgrade.

Closer information HERE.

Promo code: 6.028

Valid for instruments purchased in period: 1.9.2018 – 31.5.2019
Registrations has to be done until: 30.6.2019

Promotional offer cannot be combined with other promotions. Keysight Technologies reserves the right to modify or discontinue this offer during the promotional period.

GW Instek promotions:

Free probe kit set
If you purchase GW Instek GSP-9330 or GSP-9330TG spektrum analyzer, you will recieve the GKT-008 probe kit set for free.
Validity: Until 31.12.2019



Brand new generation of Keysight ENA E5080B network analyzers

03. 5. 2019

Keysight Technologies, Inc. launched the next generation of network analyzers which deliver reliability and repeatability with best-in-class dynamic range, trace noise and temperature stability, as well as a wide range of software applications.

New Think RF real-time spectrum analyzers R5550 & R5750

03. 5. 2019

ThinkRF Corp., the leader in software-defined spectrum analysis, released new ThinkRF R5550 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer and ThinkRF R5750 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer with Global Positioning System (GPS). Designed to be sleek, lightweight, and silent, the new analyzers offer improved spectral performance, lower power consumption, and better portability at a more cost-effective price.

A Keysight Technologies professzionális funkcionalitást kínál a belépő szintű oszcilloszkópokhoz

25. 1. 2019

A Keysight Technologies bemutatta az új 4-csatornás DSOX1200 oszcilloszkópokat, amelyek kibővítik a Keysight InfiniiVision 1000X oszcilloszkópsorozat már meglévő termékcsaládját. Az oszcilloszkópcsalád más képviselőihez hasonlóan az ár/teljesítmény arány is kiválónak mondható, hiszen a modellek 870 eurónál alacsonyabb ártól elérhetők (ÁFA nélkül).

New Keysight´s USB and PXIe Vector Network Analyzers - Compact Design, Uncompromising Performance

25. 1. 2019

At DesignCon 2019, Keysight Technologies have introduced the brand new generation of  high-performance vector network  analyzers. They are available either in a compact USB 3.0 module (P500xA series) or PXIe card (M980xA series) format and their parameters are more than equal to the best bench analyzers.

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