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XPLORA – GNSS Signal simulation

For optimization of resources and time in development, qualification and certification of GNSS equipment and GNSS applications. GNSS equipment development requires testing under controlled conditions. Engineers, scientists, manufacturers, and system integrators involved in GNSS development must be able to control test conditions, repeat tests precisely, simulate new satellite constellations and signals in advance (before the systems and signals are even available), and perform realistic tests in GNSS denied environments (without a line of sight to the satellites). With XPLORA system integrators, GNSS equipment manufacturers and users, governmental authorities, and armed forces in a navigation warfare scenario can harden their GNSS-based infrastructure or equipment against interference.

GNSS Quality Assurance

Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) positioning and timing services form the backbone of many applications and markets. Civilian GNSS services are free of charge and globally available but insufficiently protected against unintentional and even intentional disturbances. OHB Digital Solution researches for more than 20 years on how to provide means to monitor and augment the GNSS services with GNSS quality assurance. For many applications, it’s not only precision that matters, but predominantly integrity too! Our knowledge and experience in GNSS quality assurance are available in many different forms in our GIDAS product family.



HIOKI resistance meter RM3545A

13. 5. 2024

Market leading precision tests for testing every connection on your production line

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