HIOKI resistance meter RM3545A

13.05.2024 07:20

HIOKI resistance meter RM3545A

As society embraces electric mobility, manufacturers are offering batteries, motors, electronic components, and other parts that accommodate increasingly large currents and high voltages. Since even minuscule amounts of resistance can have a significant impact on energy efficiency and safety, more accurate quality control focusing on resistance is required.

The Resistance Meter RM3545A makes it easy for anyone to measure resistance with a high degree of precision. It can be used in a variety of applications, including in development and on production lines:

  • wiring resistance in motors and transformers
  • connection resistance in charging connectors
  • pattern resistance on printed circuit boards
  • DC resistance in fuses and shunt resistors
  • connection resistance of battery busbars

There are three key features of resistance meter RM3545A:

  • Measure low resistance values at high precision and high, 1 nΩ resolution. Electric resistance is measured by passing a current through a measurement target such as a weld. Pass and fail judgments are generated based on variation in resistance values. A typical low-resistance weld can have resistance ranging from 10 μΩ to 100 μΩ. The Resistance Meter RM3545A provides a 1000 μΩ range and 1 nΩ resolution, allowing it to measure low resistance values with a high degree of precision. If a weld is insufficient, its resistance value will exceed that of a non-defective weld. Pass and fail results are generated for non-defective and defective welds based on minuscule differences in their resistance values. Weld quality can be managed quantitatively for all welds passing through a production line, ensuring traceability.
  • Add multichannel capability in a low-cost, space-saving package.  The RM3545A-2 can be equipped with up to two optional Z3003 Multiplexer Units, allowing it to measure up to 20 channels (using the 4-terminal method). Furthermore, the instrument can accommodate up to 132 channels (using the 4-terminal method) when combined with the Switch Mainframe SW1002. Responding to market demand for low-cost and space-saving.
  • Easy to embed in automatic test systems. Thanks to its characteristic higher path resistance tolerance, the RM3545A can be embedded in other systems without prompting concerns about wiring resistance or contact resistance. The instrument also ships standard with a LAN interface so that it can easily exchange data with other devices like computers and PLCs. Further, it features a fast measurement speed (21 ms) that will speed up the tests and thus the speed of production.

Detailed technical specification of HIOKI RM3545A resistance meter can be found in below product brochure:



HIOKI resistance meter RM3545A

13. 5. 2024

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