USB powered RF preamplifiers H TEST PE-PA

17.02.2016 06:47

USB powered RF preamplifiers H TEST PE-PA

Family of USB powered RF preamplifiers H TEST PE-PA provides easy way how to increase the sensitivity of your measurement. Thanks to this simple and compact accesory you can turn your oscilloscope into real RF measurement tool or capture small signals which were invisible for spectrum analyzer. PE-PA preamplifiers provide perfect noise figure parameters and gain.

All values are available in the wide bandwidth up to 9 kHz – 3 GHz. Amplifiers are powered by dc 5 V voltage through microUSB connector. Thanks to current consumption below 500 mA it can be powered by standard USB port present on many test instruments and notebooks. Thanks to excellent parameters of built-in Pasternack amplifier blocks you can use PE-PA RF preamplifiers in many demanding applications. All preamplifiers are unconditionally stable and can be easily and safely used. Typical application include search of sources of electromagnetic disturbances or amplification of signals with small amplitude in the wide range of frequencies.

Closer information and product sheet to download can be found HERE.



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