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Keysight Nemo IoT Meter – an easy-to-use handheld NB-IoT and LTE-M network coverage verification tool

18. 7. 2018

Nemo IoT Meter is an easy-to-use handheld measurement tool for verifying IoT service quality at customer premises. Nemo IoT Meter can be used in industrial environments to verify coverage and end-to-end connection quality for IoT device installations. Ideal for technicians installing IoT probes and sensors.

Keysight UXR - the world fastest real-time oscilloscope

17. 7. 2018

The Keysight Infiniium UXR is the first series of real-time oscilloscopes to offer ultra-high-performance acquisition with 10 bits of high-definition resolution.

New accesories for high resistance measurements with Keysight B2985A/87A Electrometer/High resistance meters

17. 7. 2018

Electrometers / high resistance meters Keysight B2985A/87A allow to measure electrical resistance up to 10 POhm. Measurement of such high resistance requires usage of high voltage test signals up to 1000 V. Working with such high voltage can be very dangerous. Therefor Keysight Technologies introduced new line of accesories for high resistance measurements.

New variants of Keysight RP7900 two-quadrant regenerative DC sources

19. 6. 2018

Family of Keysight´s RP7900 two-quadrant regenerative DC sources has grown by other models. Sources now work up to 950V and +/-  800A.

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H TEST Hungary Kft.
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H-9028 Győr

+36 203 137 079
+36 96 999 262


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